TRUCKPOWER brings reputable and high performing brands under the one banner.

All our tyres meet Australian safety standards and are engineered to meet the tough conditions unique to Australia’s climate and environment.

Discover more about our great brands below.

BOTO is a speciality high-quality manufacturer focusing on the production of radial truck and radial earthmover tyres. The BOTO company is a world-class facility utilising the highest quality technology, equipment and raw materials, making genuine high performing best value for dollar tyres.

In 2012 BOTO commenced producing quality passenger car, light truck and SUV tyres for worldwide distribution. TRUCKPOWER is the exclusive authorised Australian distributor for all BOTO products.

Annaite has been manufacturing quality truck and bus tyres since 2011.

The Annaite brand has strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing technologies, complete testing equipment, flexible operation mechanisms, and an excellent management team, laying a solid foundation for providing first-class products and winning the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

RoadOne tyre company was established in 2003 and soon after started a manufacturing co-operation between the Hixih Group and Pirelli Group. In 2015 a progression saw the company re-launched with the same quality tyres being manufactured under the RoadOne name. The premium RoadOne steer tyres have been tested domestically and globally for the past 2 years.

RoadOne is of international high-end quality. By utilizing the equipment from world-class tyre equipment suppliers and customised technology for the special requirements of European top tyre producers, RoadOne, for the first time has been able to offer premium performing tyres, at lower pricing.

Established in 1917, the YOKOHAMA brand has introduced a wide range of premium quality truck and bus tyres.

YOKOHAMA’s proven technologies and continuous innovation help you get the most out of your tyre investment
with greater distance, greater retreadability, more even wear and less maintenance costs per kilometre.