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11R22.5 146/143L BT159 Traction Deep Drive BOTO

* The latest release traction ON/OFF Drive tyre developed for Australian conditions.
* Open shoulder, heavily reinforced, long life traction Drive tyre.
* Cut resistant, tread compound, deep tread, designed for heavy duty traction use.
* New high tensile steel belts & stronger carcass improves overall service life.

11R22.5 146/143L BT398 Block Drive BOTO

* Tie-bars stabilise tread area for excellent mileage.
* Tread design provides traction on a variety of road surfaces.
* Good traction and self cleaning.

11R22.5 146/143L BT556 Deep Drive BOTO

* Deep tread, closed shoulder, all conditions Drive tyre.
* Fuel saving from low rolling resistance.
* Excellent grip and traction performance.
* Performs above price point offering improved CPK.

11R22.5 146/143L BT588 Deep Drive BOTO

* EL30 Long Life Tread Compound designed to give 30% longer tread life.
* The Rib-Lug combination tread pattern provides traction in mixed conditions, with the solid shoulder maximising tread life.
* Stone ejectors & high tensile carcass improve overall service life & reliability.

11R22.5 146/143M BT168 All Position BOTO

* All Position truck tyre.
* Best value and performance on and off road with unique breaker design and high abrasion resistance.
* Cut/Chip Resistant tread compound.
* Reinforced bead for extended service and load endurance.

11R22.5 146/143M BT219 Premium Steer BOTO

* New longer life ET30 tread compound.
* High performance Steer tyre
* Low heat build-up and rolling resistance for extended performance.
*Wide flat tread design for better Steering control for extended service life & stone ejectors for casing protection.

11R22.5 146/143M BT370 HD Trailer BOTO

* New longer life ET30 tread compound.
* European style premium Trailer tyre.
* 4 Rib design for high rubber to void ratio to provide extended tyre life.
* Reinforced casing and tread design for excellent durability and retreadability.

275/70R22.5 148/145M BT688 Highway BOTO

* Tapered tread grooves and stone ejectors to minimise stone drilling.
* Suitable for Steer and heavy duty Trailer use.
* Compound provides low heat build up, wear resistance and improved fuel economy.
* Square profile for stability and longer tread life.